1. The capacity to discern the true nature of a situation; penetration.
2. The act or outcome of grasping the inward or hidden nature of things or of perceiving in an intuitive manner.

What is insight?  How can insight help you?  Duncan Metzger has worked with many clients and showed them how.  In his private consultations, workshops and writings.  Duncan brings the gift of insight.  Most of us live our day to day lives assuming that everything is limited to what we perceive with our senses, not looking at the metaphysical aspects and higher purpose.  Which works for a time…until it doesn’t.

Duncan works with metaphysical tools to assist people to get insight into their higher purpose in life.  Metaphysical just means “beyond physical” or the world beyond our primary senses.  In history of humankind there has been much written about the idea of a higher order to the universe and dimensions beyond what we readily perceive.  Intuition and divination help bring us some of that invaluable information that lies in this area.

What can you gather from the “beyond physical” world?  Imagine paddling down a stream with lots of eddies and swift currents.  Now imagine doing it blindfolded and not knowing what canoe and gear you are outfitted with.  You can’t sense where the whitewater is, or dangerous rocks are, or even where you are as you have no map.  Sounds foolish?  This is how many people navigate through life.  They have goals of course and they figure if they keep paddling hard enough they’ll get there.  Too often people end up either crashing on the rocks (in the form of bad relationships, unsatisfying dead-end jobs, poor health, and lack of joy in their lives).  They blame it on fate or bad luck, not realizing that if were armed with the insight that seeing their life situation on a much deeper and broader level they could make more informed decisions easily navigate the currents to their advantage and reach their goals quickly avoiding getting your canoe tipped!  (In other words taking off the blindfold, knowing the limitations and advantages of their gear, and most importantly having a map!)  This is really what metaphysical practices provide, not magic.

Explore this website and discover the different ways how insight can enable you to navigate through the pitfalls and live successfully.